10 Personality Development Tips You’ll be Thanking Us For!


Life as we know it, is not as simple as it used to be. Times are changing, life is more fast-paced than it ever was, and with the dominating effect of technology, we are open to the entire world. Now, more than ever, it has become important to stand out from the crowd, and have a strong personality which makes us have an edge over people. We can even say that the key to success now is individuality, building our self brand and creating an environment where our mind can grow and flourish beyond the realms of our conscious mind.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a science that goes deeper into how the mind works. NLP helps us understand how information and language (verbal and non-verbal) is perceived. How humans give and receive neuro signals in everyday actions and conversations, has an impact on how we apply them in life. Using NLP, we can learn to rewire our minds to perceive and interpret information in a way that helps us succeed.

Our minds are more complex than we can imagine, and much of how we develop our personality is based on how well we understand the conscious and subconscious mind. Using the theories of NLP, here are 15 really effective personality development tips that’ll really help you shine.

1.Be Confident

One of the first significant changes that you can notice after an NLP session, is that you feel more confident when you walk out of the most basic level. Confidence is the one of the most attractive personality traits that people notice, is a real asset when mastered.

2. Positivity is a Big Plus


A positive person gives off good vibes, and automatically attracts people towards them. A positive attitude is all you need to grow and learn, and it really helps your overall personality. So, be optimistic, and it’ll radiate off you. Perfect for a great personality.

3. Watch for Body Language Signals

Good leaders understand body language signals, and this helps them understand how to deal with people. NLP delves into how the mind works, and how to identify hidden signals. So, keep on the lookout for hidden non-verbal signals. To know more on this subject, here’s what you can read: Body Language Hacks

4. Communication is Key

Effective, open communication is crucial to a well-rounded personality. When we think of good personalities, we think of charismatic speakers. Leaders use communication to their advantage, and that reflects on their personality, and in turn gives overall great results in life. Communication should be clear, open and concise. You can read more about that here: Tips for Effective Communication5

5. Dress Up


You cannot underestimate the good impression a well turned out appearance can have. Dressing up appropriately is a great way to be noticed. An overall well rounded personality is a mixture of physical attractiveness as well as intellectual stimulus. So, do think about what you will be wearing the next time you want to make a good first impression!

6. Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously

Feeling self-important really gives of negative signals. It gives off the impression that you feel too important to learn and grow, and take in new ideas. So, while it is perfectly fine to respect yourself, it’s best not to take yourself too seriously. Be open to feedback, to learning and knowing that you can always do better.

7. Be Open to Learning

There is something so endearing about being humble and open to constantly learn. It shows that you are willing to grow, open to gaining knowledge and get deeper understanding about ideas.

8. Consistency is Good

You can be the most creative or the hardest worker in the world, but if your performance or your words are not consistent, people will not be able to rely on you. It is imperative thus, to maintain consistency throughout anything that you do or say. You do not want your good deeds to be washed over by the negativity of inconsistent behaviour.

9. Patience is the Best Virtue

NLP teaches you how to be the master of your own mind. In times of crisis or testing moments of anger or urgency, it is a calm, patient mind which is the most efficient. Patience is great virtue, as it has multifold benefits. For interpersonal relationship or career development, being patient lets you think more objectively, respond and not react to situations and clearly think before you say anything. Patience is also a necessary tool to have around young children, who will respond much better if dealt with in a composed, kind manner. This is one skill that will take you far!

10. Read


Being a well read, informed individual, puts you instantly on the edge. Reading, or simply being open to information makes you stand out. A well-read person is often a reasonable voice in the cacophony of ill-informed noise.




Personality Development is an overall process, and the first step is the intent to improve oneself. The willingness to learn and grow is half the battle won. So, what will be the first think you’ll be working on today?

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