The Higher Power Prayer


At one of my recent NLP Trainings, a few students were interested in the notion of the 3rd Mind- “Higher Power”. In effect, I promised to send them an excerpt of one of my favourite prayers- of which I learnt about from one of my previous client’s AA Meetings.

And then this got me thinking more on the notion of spiritual surrender, and where it has taken me in times of stress and pain.

What might ask? Well- what is it? Spiritual surrender is essentially admitting that we’re not in control. For the majority of us, the word surrender means waving the white flag and admitting defeat. We’re taught from childhood that quitters never win and winners never quit.

However, the notion of spiritual surrender has quite a different tangent. Spiritual surrender is not about defeat. It’s getting ourselves out of the way and trusting a Higher Power to guide us.

Best Time of Day

At the beginning of each day, our minds are most open to receive new impressions. One of the most self-loving things we can do is to take full charge of the power of the morning.

It is no surprise that our greatest weakness is that of an undisciplined mind. But the good news is that we can consciously choose NOT to allow our minds to begin it’s first glorious note on Facebook or Instagram. We can in fact, set our day upon another course- one of spiritual surrender.

The Inner Room

It has taken me years to discover that reach of us has an inner room- a sanctuary- where we can visit to be cleansed of fears, anxieties, and negative emotions. I call it- ‘my room’ where my mind drifts off into stillness and peace. My attention goes to my heart area and I see myself as a small Buddha- which is me- sitting peacefully inside myself praying.

This room of mine has become a sanctuary of spiritual light, where I envision myself and my loved ones surrounded by auras of light lilac and gold. I strongly believe that when I adhere to this morning discipline – my mind receives a radiance that helps me go through my day. This radiance is not just a metaphor of ‘light’, but in fact a sort of peaceful energy that surrounds me- when I sense my mind spiralling into unproductive thoughts and encountering uncomfortable situations.

The Script

I surrender myself to my ‘higher power’- in my own terms. I do not necessarily follow the script, although at times I look at the prayer for guidance. What’s interesting is that my interpretation of the script changes everyday but the essence remains the same- I am essentially allowing a higher force (or one can say mystical energy) to take care of me.

A quote by Marianne Will “Surrender means the decision to stop fighting the world, and to start loving it instead. It is a gentle liberation from pain.. To relax, to feel the love in your heart and keep to that as your focus in every situation—that’s the meaning of spiritual surrender.”

The Higher Power Prayer
Higher Power
Here with me now
Humbly I seek your grace.
All in your care
Your will be done
Through me as it is through others.
Give me today hope and courage
To forgive all past transgressions
As I surrender my fears and resentments.
And strengthen me against temptation
But free me to let go control.
Fill my spirit with calm, and compassion, and clarity
To carry to others.

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