5 Tips to Stick to Your 2018 Resolutions and Goals like a Boss


Every January, as we scroll down our newsfeed, what is the one common thing we notice? Apart from the glamorous holiday pictures from all friends travelling around the world, there is a sudden influx of New Year Resolutions. There’s something about the new year and new beginnings that bring about a revived will to transform our lives. However, these very ambitious resolutions often face a dire fate, and come February most fade into the past, lost and forgotten forever.

Making New Year Resolutions is quite positive however, and gives us a sense of change, transformation and desire to improve oneself. So, this practice definitely needs to continue. It’s the keeping of these resolutions that needs some help. Through NLP, we put people in situations where they can visualise their life goals, and be able to achieve them. Using these techniques, we can surely apply our minds to achieve whatever we set our minds to.

So, taking some cues from the knowledge behind NLP, here are 5 tips to make sure your New Year resolutions live through 2018!

1. Set Realistic, Measurable Goals

New Year Resolutions

The most realistic and achievable your goals are, the easier it is to achieve them. While long-term goals and desires can be made, it’s the short-term, small milestones that help us achieve our  big goals at the end. So set realistic new year resolutions, and make sure they are measurable and less abstract. For instance, say “I want to lose 10 kilos by December”, instead of saying, “I wish to lots of weight”. Afterall, if you want to get somewhere, you should at least know where you’re going

2. Track Your Progress

When organisations set goals, they have a clear means and time to track whether those goals are being met. Most companies have a goal setting period, a mid year appraisal and an annual appraisal. These are all just way to measure goals which are set at the beginning of the year, and then reviewed to assess whether they have been achieved. For individuals too, it is so important to track the progress of goals, to keep oneself motivated and raring to continue. Measure your progress every month, and reward yourself when you achieve milestones. This ensures that there is an interest which is maintained throughout the year, and you will be more willing achieve the final target.

3. List them Down

List of Priorities

Write down your resolutions. This forces you to put abstract thoughts to paper, making them more tangible, more real. List out your priority list for 2018, and start crossing them off one by one. One of the key teachings of NLP is to visualise your goals and desires, then work towards achieving them. Once you’ve written these goals down, you can easily visualise your task list, and by relation, visualise yourself achieve each of them. Not only does it make the task seem to have a plan, it is such a high when you physically and literally cross these off your list!

4. Focus on One Change at a Time

No one is perfect, in fact, most of us are far from that imposing word. While there may be a thousand things we might want to change about ourselves, it is illogical to think that we can achieve all of them at the same time. So, prioritise your new year resolutions, focus on a few of them, and then work towards them. The most focused you remain towards your limited goals, helps you achieve them faster, leaving you more confident and motivated to then take on other goals.

5. Don’t Stress Over It

Don't Stress

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day and great people have years and years of journey behind them. It is okay to fail, it is okay to falter. But it is not okay to not try. Definitely make those resolutions, and definitely pledge to stick by them. In the process, if you’re not able to achieve one or two, or any, it is quite alright. There is always next year! Never lose hope, stay positive and you will find the will and the confidence within yourself to achieve these goals. So, just chill!

With that, here’s to a great New Year! What will be on your list of New Year Resolutions for 2018?

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