Your Definitive Guide to Neuro Linguistic Programming


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a methodology in which you use your mind to the best of its ability to achieve your maximum potential. NLP is increasingly gaining popularity as it helps individuals and organisations deal with this dynamic, fast pace of life and helps them achieve their dreams through a set of impactful and measurable techniques.

Who does NLP benefit?


NLP is a great means to help individuals learn to communicate better, get over fears and phobias, learn to perceive past life events in a different way and overcome personality challenges that hampers intellectual or emotional growth. Individuals benefit largely from NLP, as this methodology clears their mind, gives them tools to rewire their perception of past events and gives them a boost in confidence. NLP tools equip them to manage the simplest or the most complicated tasks, and the results are seen to be long-lasting, safe and precise.


As more and more industries and organisations are moving towards automation of processes, they are beginning to realise that human resources as where their biggest challenges and rewards lie. The fast pace of businesses often do not allow companies time and resources to invest in their employees, thus losing out on developing key skills. Leaders which grow from within the organisations are seen to be more loyal and aligned to organisational goals, and through NLP each employee can tap into their own subconscious mind to arrive at qualities which make them natural leaders.NLP can be used across the organisation for various purposes; for team management, negotiation, sales training, leadership, and many other organisational tasks, NLP can really help transform the business. Effective communication is one of the key By mastering the art of effective communication, this methodology has helped organisations dramatically enhance their business practices and maximize resource potential.

Married Couples


Inter-personal relationships are nurtured with good, open communication, and a deep understanding of each other. In a marriage, communication through verbal and non-verbal means plays a key role.

Using NLP, couples are helped to better assess how to solve situations in interpersonal matters. A deeper understanding of how the mind works, really goes a long way to guide behaviour. Relationships are all about understanding the correct signals, understanding body language and signs, and being able to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes. Through effective NLP techniques, couples are handed tools to apply this knowledge to their relationship and improve their bond.


innerhighliving_parentsParenting is challenging, and any parent will tell you that. Every parent wants a strong bond with their children,  confident and successful children and o maintain an open communication channel between them. NLP equips both parents and kids to be able to communicate better and move beyond past events which might be causing issues at a subconscious level. NLP covers all the challenges of parenting, addressing everything from how to get through effectively to your child to preparing parents to deal with differently abled children. NLP introduces a range of cognitive activities for kids, which help clear their minds to target and gain confidence. Simply put, NLP gives parents and kids tools to make their lives easier and achieve their maximum potential.

What are the Levels of NLP training?

  • Basic: Usually a 7-8 day group facilitated training, which starts by familiarising the trainee about the human mind, and how it functions. This level is where you get introduced to the how NLP works, and how you can apply it to your life. You will get to know about the communication process, how we filter out or take in information.
  • Masters: The 2nd level of NLP training is more intense, and is usually covered over a period of 4 to 5 days. This is conducted in smaller groups, and has a more focused approached. In this level, the trainer digs deeper into the issues one might have, and using NLP techniques attempts to eradicate the root cause of these issues.
  • Train the Trainer: The last and most intense NLP training is Train the Trainer, after completing which, you are certified to take NLP trainings. This level gives you certifications for NLP, and you need a total of 4 certifications to be an NLP practitioner. This level focuses on mastering NLP techniques, learn how to take NLP sessions and goes into expert levels of hypnotherapy.

How does NLP work?

We go about our daily routines with the way we know and understand how to use our minds. There is a conscious and a subconscious mind, and we are aware of only the conscious decisions that we make. Our decisions, reactions, life situations are mostly dictated by this conscious mind. NLP reprograms your mind to discipline your subconscious mind to react to life situations in a certain, better way.

NLP uses various techniques to help pursue your mind to behave in a positive manner, keeping away negative behaviour. NLP helps you control your mind in a way that helps you achieve your goals to the maximum potential and train yourself to rise to new, achievable heights. This positive change in the mind triggers positive changes in your life.

NLP helps build confidence, improve the basic quality of life on a day to day basis, teaches you the correct way to handle various life situations and overall guides you to steer your life in the direction that is meant for you.

The positive changes through NLP coaching can be noticed from the first session itself, where you already start rewiring the mind to behave a certain way. The effects of NLP session are quick to observe, measurable and can definitely be noticed. This learning tool is extremely useful for anyone seeking to take control of which direction life is steered towards.

What are a few effective techniques of NLP?

NLP uses standard techniques to achieve the final goals of achieving maximum potential and reprogramming the language of the human mind. Here are the techniques used:

  • Anchoring: Consciously creating anchors in trigger situations to achieve target states of the mind
  • Future Pacing: Asking a person to visualise an action or an impact of a decision in the future and then monitoring the reactions.
  • Swish: A process to disrupt the pattern of thought from unwanted behaviour to desired behaviour
  • Reframing: Changing the perception of an event, thus changing its interpretation or meaning.
  • Well-Formed Outcome: Defining the desired state and determine its achievability with respect to its positive impact if achieved
  • Ecology: Checking the desired outcomes from all angles of life and relationships
  • Parts Integration: Integrating conflicting aspect of life by identifying them, negotiating with each separate part and trying to resolve the conflict to achieve a harmonic solution
  • Visual/Kinesthetic Dissociation (VK/D): Replaying an event in the mind and observing it purely as a viewer, to disassociate with the associations formed with that event
  • Covert Hypnosis: Using language patterns to persuade people to behave or think a certain way


What are the most effective patterns or models of NLP?

NLP works primarily because it does not the individual how to solve something, instead through various techniques, helps them find the solutions from within. This is a transformative approach to achieving positive results, and has an immediate impact in people’s lives.

There are a number of effective NLP techniques, each have their own impact and purpose. For instance, getting people to visualise the event which bothers them, and then changing the way they perceive that event, has proven to be extremely effective in helping them in letting go of the negative emotions attached to the event.

In a corporate scenario, NLP patterns and techniques which help in understanding non-verbal communication, go a long way in helping client/customer facing professionals approach their work. With enhanced communication skills, an understanding of secret signals and body language, people are much better equipped to solve various business issues.

For people having problems with their interpersonal relationships, NLP models which help in communication and are based on the principles of empathy, work extremely well. Couples are able to identify the issues through non-verbal signals, dig into their subconscious pool of information, and use that to find appropriate solutions that work best for both parties involved.

NLP is an excellent facilitator in creating an aware mind, and the number of techniques help in applying this basic principle. It is a practical, quick and impactful way to approach life’s issues, and coaching sessions prove to be extremely beneficial.

Why is NLP Coaching Gaining Popularity?

NLP is increasingly gaining popularity amongst professionals and individuals, as it is a simple path to arriving at the desired goal. Simply put, NLP helps you become self aware, and find the answers within yourself. The results of NLP have been observed to be long-lasting, safe, precise and prove to be extremely effective. NLP helps clear the mind, and cope better with life situations, given the fast pace of today’s times and equips individuals with tools to manage simple and complicated tasks better. NLP helps understand how the mind works, and once people get a basic understanding of that, communication, perception and empathy all come easier. This in turn helps transform our lives and solve unresolved issues better.

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