In The Spotlight: Pamela Kirpalani, Founder Of Inner High Living


She dedicated her career to helping people understand how their minds tick, as well as teaching techniques to enhance their positive, non-cognitive, energy skills. She’s a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) persuasion coach and trainer boasting a large number of transformed clients that continue to visit her for private and executive coaching sessions. 

She’s made a name for herself on an international scale, and is skilled in many areas. Pamela Kirpalani’s knowledge is extensive and today we’re honoured to share her wisdom, insight, and business experiences with you in this inspiring Spotlight interview.

Tell us about you and your business/career, and what you were doing before you started?

After years of being in the investment banking industry to a then turned art collector and teacher, I now own Singapore-based Inner High Living. IHL is a life consultancy directed towards business and life coaching, corporate consulting and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training. “Intro To NLP”, “The Art of Persuasion” and “NLP for Parents” are three, sought-after local and international workshops for corporates and individuals.

Did you always dream to do what you are doing now? Or did life throw a particular opportunity your way?

I always dreamed of getting into psychology and delving into the mysteries of the mind and how human beings are wired, thus, my interest in anthropology from a young age. However, I never once thought of myself as a leader in this area. Life threw an opportunity one day when I was scouring for a natural way to get rid of my anxiety, and came across NLP.

A Life-Changing Discovery

I owe my discovery of NLP to my panic attacks and anxiety issues, which started in early 2012. Little did I know that studying it would make me grow in leaps and bounds, train my mind to think in the right way, hold myself physiologically better, and then make a career out of it. Through NLP, I discovered my passion for learning how people are ‘wired’ and why we do the things we do, which then led to a further study and research on ‘how to influence others’. I also can easily detect when others have blind spots and limitations, which has helped my clients with transformational life coaching.

Learn Exponentially

What would you say to people who are struggling with making the jump into a new career, or position?

I would say if you are committed to really being happy, you must transcend “that little voice in your head” that says it’s better to stay in safe territory and remain within your boundaries. If you don’t explore your interests or new opportunities, you’ll always be wondering “what if” and, most likely, have low self-esteem out of regret. Remember, there are no failures in life, only exponential learnings.

Dreaming of Inner High Living

Is your business or career all you dreamed it would be?

It’s nowhere close to where I would like to take it, and I have so many dreams of where it can go. It sure has grown in two years, and sometimes I have to blink twice when I see Inner High Living featured in articles or interviews. I am actually flooded with requests for the Intro To NLP Workshops, as people want to know how NLP can help them.

Do you ever feel like giving up or have you ever felt this way? What made you carry on?

Initially, when I first started, I’m pretty sure I almost gave up at least five times within a span of six months!

It’s all about timing and having the faith that if the time and circumstances are right, then things will happen like they’re meant to. It’s better not to push too much, just do your best, and let the natural order of things unfold. I am so grateful that I did continue, because I have so much to share and people really want and need that.

What keeps you awake at night and gets you out of bed in the morning?

I wait for articles on neuro-science and interesting psychology-based readings to come out, and sometimes if I get an itch to write, I can’t sleep until it gets onto a blog.

Advice For Burnt Out Professionals

Take a break, learn something new (doesn’t have to be related to your career), but do not call it quits. We all go through lulls, and what makes you come out even stronger is the fact that you kept persevering. That is what success is: perseverance.

What is your biggest challenge/frustration as an entrepreneur? How do you deal with, or overcome that challenge/frustration?

My biggest frustration is wanting to do so much more and finding the time for it as a mother. I get vivid ideas, so I jot them down, as I am a big fan of writing. And it takes months to get to it because of a back-log of uninteresting things, which get in the way. I recently started brain-dumping, which has increased my performance and time management by up to 30%.

Second Chances For Boldness

If you could do it all again, what would you do differently?

I would have been more proactive in marketing myself to big corporations, of which I have been shy. However, through many recent training sessions, the feedback has been so positive and encouraging that I don’t know why I limited myself in the first place. So, my advice would be to let go of those limitations in your head, and that “chatter” that says you’re not good enough for others. If you’re confident in what you do and love it, by all means go ahead and market yourself with no hesitation.

Living By A Philosophy

“There is a time and place for souls to conspire, meet and grow and no force can come in between this”. This is what keeps me going.

Pamela Kirpalani’s One Line

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