7 Body Language Hacks that Can Help You with Negotiation


Most of what humans communicate is actually not through verbal communication but through non-verbal signals. The Neuro Linguistic Programming model of Neuroscience, help people identify and understand body language signals, how the mind perceives them and the best way to interpret these signs for our benefit. In corporate life, while negotiating with third parties, these basic body language learnings can go a long way.

Using learnings from NLP practices, here are some awesome body language hacks that’ll make you go, “oh! I never really thought about this!”.

Here, they are:

1.Practice Mirroring

According to NLP, Mirroring someone’s actions and movements makes them feel better about themselves, and more at ease. Without making it too obvious, follow the actions of the person you’re speaking to. For instance, if they take a sip of their drink, you take one too. Or, if they are smiling, you do to. You’ll get better with practice, but it is surely worth trying.

2. Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to effective communication. Any good leader will tell you, that maintaining eye contact is a really effective way to keep your audience’s attention, get the point across in the most efficient way, and get the best results. Good eye contact also makes you exude confidence and gives positive vibes to audience.

3. Keep a Straight Posture

Remember how your parents always prompt you to sit up straight at the table? Well, as it turns out, that is just great body language for a conversation. Sitting or standing up straight means you’re sure of yourself and are confident. Maintaining a good posture is important to give off positive body language signals, and makes the other person take in your communication better.

4. Pay Attention to the Hand-Shake

One of the first physical contact that you have with anyone is the handshake. This is the first impression anyone gets, and its important to keep into consideration. A firm, flexible handshake is key to a good first impression. Keeping your hand too limp or too strong may give off the wrong signals. So, next time you meet someone, pay attention to that handshake!

5. Have an Open Stance

When in a conversation, keeping an open stance and posture, with wrists, legs and arms not crossed, gives the impression that you are receiving fresh ideas, and willing to accept the information. A closed stance is defensive, and communicates that the information being received is not being taken in.

6. Suit Up!

Keeping up appearances is more crucial than you would imagine. A well groomed, well thought out outfit says a lot about how you, and believe it or not, it really influences how people perceive you. For instance, in a job interview, we give extra attention to what we wear, as that first impression matters a lot. Similarly, dressing appropriately for the occasion gives off strong hidden signals, that really affects the way people form opinions about you.

7. Just Breathe and Smile

A smiling face does more for your impression than you can imagine. A real smile, the kind that reaches your eyes, is one of the most genuine ways to say, I welcome you into my life. Its also so simple. So, just smile and have a generally pleasant demeanour, and any messages that are coming from you will be received well.

Through NLP, you can really learn the hidden non-verbal signals and how to use them. To know more, visit InnerHighLiving.com

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